The Introduction ❤️ Book One ❤️

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` The Introduction: Undying Love #1
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♥️ LOVE this Book ♥️
True Love at a young age is TOUGH!!! Can it survive the trial and tribulations of high school, separations of college & others flaunting themselves because they do not understand your situation??? Will their love last through it all?? Read on to find out!!! 📖

⛔️⚠️🚫***Please be ADVISED before reading this book, I feel that I need to advise you and all future readers that in all likelihood this book may have some valid triggers that you as a reader may find objectionable or repulsive. So PLEASE if you have a prejudice viewpoint regarding cheating/infidelity in relationships that you cannot set aside while reading a fictional story, then please STOP reading and find another book. It would be unreasonable & unfair to the author if you read and then rated their work poorly based on personal feelings instead of the fictional work the produced. If you do decide to continue reading, 📖 HAPPY READING‼️📚 😊Thank You***☺️


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