The Perception

by: Adriana Locke

In the conclusion to this series it’s Max & Kari’s sweet, sexy, twisting and turning roller coaster love story! You could read it by itself, but I’m glad I took the time to read The Exception (book one) and The Connection (book 1.5) before starting The Perception (book two). In doing so I was able to understand the connection between Max and Cane, and see little peaks into Max and Kari’s relationship so I understood a little more of what was going on. It helped me understand Cane”s mannerisms he’s not all bad, but a little different in this one since he and Jada are together, but he’s still Cane!
Max is such a loving, thoughtful, caring man who is completely & utterly in love with Kari! He knows she loves him but she’s always holding a piece of herself back, but why? He wants to protect her from the world, make her troubles go away and keep a smile on her face. Max is a total romantic at heart and makes her (& me) swoon with his words…..
*“Don’t kid yourself, sweetheart. This is as permanent as it gets.”
**Believe it, sweetheart. Believe in me. It’s time you realize that we are forever.
**All that matters is me and you.
Max leaves Kari sticky notes every day on the fridge & sometimes sneaks them in her bag or her car, they always make her smile and lift her spirits!
Kari loves Max but is waiting for something to go wrong like it always does, she thinks she’s supposed to always be alone. What happened to her to make her feel like that?
**He filled the vacancy with laughs, smiles, and warmth. My life had been dull and now it was vibrant, bursting with red cups, multi-colored sticky notes, and the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen.
Of course there’s always someone who wants what you have and thinks they deserve it more. Will Max be able to convince Kari she is supposed be happy with him forever and not just for sex (which is amazing)…
** “I need to figure out what she’s so scared of. That’s the key. And then change her perception.”
**You and I are permanent. I love you and everything that makes you you, Kari Stanley. I guarantee you I’m not leaving you and if you think you’re leaving me, you have another thing coming.”
–“Sweetheart, we are so permanent that no ink can explain it.
I really enjoyed reading this story! I give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating, the complete series will be on my TBRA(to-be-read-again) list! I laughed, cried and sometimes couldn’t read fast enough to see what was on the next page! This story centers around Max and Kari but as with life, everyone else’s lives progress as well so you get to see what happens with Cane and Jada too!


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