A Storm to Bear  (Pacific Bear Clan)

(Fated Mates 2)

(A BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance).

Ana James

Callie is sent from the city to Strykersford–(bear country) where the only high-rise here were the trees, skyscrapers were peaks of the trees that looked as though they could actually touch the sky and the sun, by her grandmother who raised her after her mother died. Callie hates leaving her in the hospital dying from cancer alone, but it is her dying wish for Callie to go clean up the cabin. Callie used to come to bear country when she was little, everyone remembers her, but she doesn’t remember them because of an accident that took those memories away, nor does she know what she’s supposed to be looking for in the cabin. Austin one of Redwoode boys is right there to help her through everything and knows what she’s missing, but she needs to figure it out on her own which frustrates her immensely. Callie thinks he’s a towering man, brown hair, brown eyes, a face that looked perfectly chiseled from a rough piece of stone and whom she’s attracted to from the moment she sees him, more so than she’s ever been to any other man! She becomes friends with Scarlett right away and begins to feel at home in Strykersford.

I received this ARC in exchanged for an honest review, I loved the continued story and look forward to seeing what happens next in Strykersford with the remaining Redwoode boys(bears)!! This is the second book in this series to which you get a glimpse of the continued love story of Max and Scarlett but could still read as a stand alone too.


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