a Story of Summer

by Sophia Scarlet



The moment I met him I started wanting things that I hadn’t wanted before. It crept up on me slowly. I remember a curious look, an electric touch, the polite kiss the first night we met. I remember wondering if he wanted me. He did. This is the story of those summers when we were young, a story about friendship, sex, forgiveness, and in the end, a story about love.



•Always ♥️

I enjoyed reading this love story! It shows the pain and growth of Georgiana. She has had a TOUGH & PAINFUL life, but is afraid to love or be loved! 😶 But in the end can Finn show her he TRUELY loves her and will always be there for and with her?? This is my 1st book by Sophia Scarlet, but I look forward to reading her next series!!
Favorite Quote**“You’ve gotten to me in a way that I never thought possible, Georgiana.” I whispered as I kissed her sleeping face. “You are first in my thoughts when I wake and the prayer on my lips before I sleep. When we’re apart, I miss your eyes and your smile. I miss the way you smell and the sound of your voice. When I wake up at night and you’re not in my arms my heart sinks and I want to find you and be wherever you are just so I can see the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe, and stroke your hair while you sleep. You own me, Georgiana. I belong to you completely and all I want in this life is your love.
🔞⚠️⛔️Due to explicit sexual content this novel is for readers 18 and older. 🔞⚠️⛔️




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