📖 Book Review 📖



VIPER’S KISS (A BACK DOWN DEVIL MC NOVEL) — by London Casey (Karolyn James)
Blaine is one of the Back Down Devils Motorcycle Club brothers, they may be outlaws but they also keep their town Ferlen safe. Blaine is a self-proclaimed manwhore and loves every second of it. To him all women are beautiful so that’s what he calls them, he will give them all a wild ride with some part of his body. His MC brothers get tired of hearing about his sexcapades, but they laugh at the stories too. There is another side to him though that we didn’t see coming. When Jessa shows up from his past scared to death because their past has come back to haunt them, Blaine jumps into action to protect her. He couldn’t be there to protect her best friend his fiancé Meghan and her daughter Janey, but he swears he’ll protect Jessa. All MC’s have issues with the police, but when the new Sheriff in town has it in for Blaine. He tells him that if he cannot take Blaine down he’ll take the whole club down, it just adds more challenging issues for the club when they’re trying to keep the heat off of themselves. Life inside an MC is never dull, they may argue, bicker, literally have knock down drag out brawls, but they’re all brothers and will be there in the end to protect their family together! Even if at the moment they’re pissed at each other, they’ll take that up when the threat is neutralized, it’s just their lifestyle! You won’t be able to put this down once you start reading, there’s lots of hot, juicy sex and twists and turns that’ll have you biting your nails and stressing to turn the page to see what happens next! This is a great series and I cannot wait to see what comes next! London Casey(Karolyn James) makes you feel like you’re right inside the Club along for the ride with the brothers. It’s wonderful and I give her ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! received this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

🔞⚠️🚫Due to explicit sexual content and adult language this novel is recommend for readers 18 and older. 🔞⚠️⛔️




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