•Royal Vacation
After quitting med school, Hazel backpacks through Europe on her way to spend a month with her parents in Velinsk, Sveloria. Her mother is the American Ambassador to Sveloria, they are staying at the Royal family’s summer palace. Hazel knows she’s not meeting the royal family until later that night at a formal welcoming dinner, so she’s traveling comfortably in spandex, a sweatshirt and sneakers. Unfortunately while she’s in a dead zone, her mother sent her a text telling her to be presentable because she’ll be meeting the King, Queen, and Prince Konstantin Grigorovich at the train station. Hazel doesn’t get the text until she steps off the train, and then it’s too late to change. This is not the first impression she wanted to make with the Royal family. Pictures don’t do Prince Konstantin justice, he’s hot in pictures, but he’s WAY HOTTER in person.
direct book quotes(**Konstantin looks like the model for a prince in a Disney movie if Disney princes also dripped raw, rugged sex appeal. He’s got dirty blond hair and gray eyes, and in every photo he’s glaring at the camera with the hottest glare I’ve ever seen.** **“The prince is very popular with women,”** but **“The women are not so popular with the prince,”**).

King Grigory II of Sveloria is annoyingly old-fashioned, almost like **he’s ignoring reality in favor of the way he wishes things were.** He’s keeping the emerging guerrilla fighting in the north from everyone, including the state-run media, which is the only media in their tiny country. Kostya doesn’t agree with keeping it from their people, he thinks they should be warned.
Prince Konstantin Grigorovich (Kostya) is told by his father the King that he and the Queen (his mother) will be receiving Ambassador Towers’s daughter at the train station, and he will be joining them. His father still treats him as if he were a child instead of the Crown Prince, the next in line for the throne. But he’s the king, and if Kostya wants to be, he has to do what the king says. Including accompanying Yelena Pavlovna to the formal dinner tonight. His father continues to go on and on about Kostya needing to get married and have a son, an heir to the throne. direct book quotes(**“Yelena is such a sweet girl”… “Her grandmother bore twelve children, you know. Her mother bore six. It bodes well for her suitability.”** **“Mother, I don’t wish to marry someone because they can have a litter of children,”** **When I find someone I think I can spend my life with, I’ll get married. It’s that simple** But of course, his father tells him…**“Kostya, you don’t need to be in love to marry, Just marry.”**).

When Kostya sees Hazel at the train station, he’s stunned! She’s not just pretty, she’s gorgeous, in a way he couldn’t ever imagine a woman could be. Her laugh almost makes him smile, something he never does! His mother thinks Americans are too loud, and to make things worse…. She’s (direct book quotes**wearing leggings, an oversized sweatshirt, and sneakers, an outfit so casual that no Svelorian woman would be caught dead wearing it. The spandex pants in particular don’t leave much to the imagination, but I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all. She may be a classless American, but I can still enjoy the view.**).

Will Hazel be able to make a better second opinion for the Royal family at the formal dinner after her near disastrous first impression, or will that end in disaster too? Will Hazel ever feel comfortable with the Prince or will his sexy pinned insect glare always make her uncomfortable? How will Kostya handle the beautiful American woman, will he ignore the instantaneous feelings he’s having? Or will he throw caution to the wind, and ignore his father’s warning? You’ll have to read Reign to find out, but it will be more than worth your time! I smiled, frowned, laughed, cried, and giggled my way throughout the book! It is pretty HOT and STEAMY at times, so I recommend that Due to the sexual content and adult language this novel is for readers 17 and older! I give Roxie 5 stars for this story! It’s definitely not your usual fairytale prince/princess in a castle story! I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

~~Pictures don’t get across just how tall and built he is. They don’t properly communicate that when you’re in front of him, and he’s sexily glaring at you, you feel like an insect pinned to a board, but in a good way.
~~Finally the American girl is standing in front of me, and she’s even more beautiful up close, in a make-me-forget-my-own-name kind of way. Her sweatshirt slides over one collarbone, and I have to fight the urge to lean forward and plant my lips on her skin. I hold her hand for a beat too long, then let it go. Hazel climbs into the limousine, and when she bends over, I can’t help but stare at the half-globes of her ass before she disappears into the car. I wonder what they’d feel like if I could squeeze them. How they’d look without the leggings on.
~~Civilized people reply in writing, with a note given to any member of the palace staff. Don’t worry, they know who I am.


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