AUTHOR NOTES****This book contains mature content, including graphic sex. Please do not continue reading if you are under the age of 18 or if this type of content is disturbing to you. NOTE: All characters in the book are 18+ years of age, non-blood related, and all sexual acts are consensual.**
This was my first Lara Swann book, but it won’t be my last! It had its hooks in me from the first page, I didn’t want to put it down until I got to the last page. You never knew what twist or turn was around the next corner. Lara filled the pages with excitement throughout. I’m looking forward to reading more of her books.
Leo spent his childhood on the streets, waiting, hiding and disappearing which helped him become who he is today. A hitman or rather a killer for hire, assassin or murderer as he preferred to be called. Those who couldn’t handle those labels shouldn’t be in his line of work. He knew who he was and was damned good at his job! Being a loner made him invaluable to some clients, he could up and go after a hit and leave no one behind that could recognize him. No loose ends, he worked alone and needed no one. Leo’d been in NYC too long and was getting itchy feet, time to move on after this hit. He was hired to kill Martin Feber a financial guru, a boring, straight forward banker, because he’d slept with another man’s wife. Leo had gotten the job just a couple of days ago, but this was a quick in-and-out job, Martin was leaving tomorrow. So Leo’d had to rely on other sources for intel, which he didn’t usually do. But Martin’s just a simple guy, simple job, who should’ve kept his pants zipped up! The only sticky part of the job was his clients insistence about it looking like a professional hit, but that’s what happened when you pissed off enough people in NYC’s underworld and they take out a hit on you. Leo preferred to leave it so it’d be hard to trace it back to just one person. Leo hid inside Martin’s hotel room waiting for him, he’d been assured Martin wouldn’t bring anyone back with him to his hotel room after the bankers conference. Leo used a garrote, which was nice, no noise, no mess and it screamed professional hit. Everything went according to plan, Martin’s face matched the photo he’d been given, but something made him uneasy. His final check was always the wallet, checked his credit cards and ID. They all said the same thing…..Viktor Kovalski, Martin Feber wasn’t there, but Viktor Kovalski was— and Kovalski meant major trouble…. The Russian mafia!
Then he noticed her… She’s pure beauty, **despite everything that had just gone fucking wrong -for one long moment I was simply stunned as I looked at her. Large dark eyes stared back at me from a face framed by thick, lustrous hair.** **no one had ever managed to disarm me like she did in that brief moment.** **sudden confusion of the situation breaking through my fog of disbelief at how badly my luck had turned. The beginning of panic frayed my nerves, and I felt myself perilously out of control -something I’d never allowed before. But I’d never had a hit go so fucking wrong.** I should kill her, I needed to kill her, but suddenly my mind rebelled against harming someone. I’ve never dealt with this before, she’s a witness that could tie me to killing Viktor -the bratva boss, but I found myself taking her with me. I shouldn’t have taken her, she’s a distraction I cannot afford. I’m no longer safe, who cares about the incompetent police force. I’ve got bigger problems with the Russian bratva when they find out! **I could acknowledge that I didn’t know what the hell was going on here -and worse, I felt played** **This whole situation was a nightmare.** I never wanted to kidnap anyone! This wasn’t simply mistaken identity, this was Martin’s room. Everything was too easy and too neat- until it went to hell. This was a deliberate hit on Viktor Kovalski, it wasn’t a casual arrangement either, this took some major planning. Why did I bring her? I should’ve just killed her, it’s going to be one massive headache but it’s better than killing her right? That’s what I thought until I found out who she really is… **“You don’t know? My name is Alessa Santini. That makes my father Antonio Santini. **“You expect me to believe that Antonio Santini would let his daughter near a Russian mafia boss?” I challenged. Her beautiful eyes flashed again. “He was my fiance -until you murdered him, you cold bastard.” Fuck, I kidnapped an Italian mafia princess!
Alessa waited her whole life for the day her father would decide who she’d marry. She knew it wasn’t going to be a fairytale and more than likely she’d have to work on loving or even liking whomever he picked. But it was an alliance for the family, and what I had always prepared for. **I’d dealt with the occasional moments of fear without letting anyone else see them. I was a Santini -and I was determined to represent my family well.**(direct book quote) But how did my virginal night go so terribly wrong. Not only did I walk in and see my fiancé dead on the floor, but now his killer has kidnapped me. I didn’t know what to expect tonight, but now it’s changed to terror and confusion. **The hard, ripped body I’d felt pressed up against mine had confused me with conflicted emotions -the heat radiating from him made me respond in kind, even as I’d been repulsed by his proximity and wanted nothing more than to push him away. Something about tonight had obviously messed with my mind that I could even have reacted that way. I’d spent so long mentally preparing myself for what I’d hoped would be full of pleasure, that I hadn’t been able to stop wanting it, even after Viktor’s death. And it didn’t help that this was the kind of man I’d fantasized about -apart from the cold-blooded killer part, anyway. He was ruggedly handsome -grim, maybe, with sharp lines across the strong features of his face, but he had the sort of masculinity that set my heart beating out of control in my chest. And the way he looked at me…like he was going to devour me slowly, and leave me begging for more…** What the hell do I do now?
What will happen to Alessa? What will Leo do, where can he go, does he have anyone that’ll help him in this type of situation? You’ll have to read HITMAN’S CAPTIVE A BAD BOY ROMANCE to find out. But it’ll be MORE than worth your time! It gets hotly intense, and there are a lot of surprises along the way. I give Lara 5 stars! Due to sexual content and adult language I recommend this for readers 17 and older. I received this ARC from Hidden Gems in exchange for an honest review!

Favorite Passages:
-I could acknowledge that I didn’t know what the hell was going on here -and worse, I felt played.
-I was in way over my head with this. And I couldn’t let that get in the way of everything else I needed to work out.
-Her pretty dark eyes were tempting as a siren, and I couldn’t afford that.
-“I’m the daughter of the Italian mafia -want doesn’t come into it.”

Amazon: https:/www.amazon.com/dp/B01HFNB92C


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