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β€’Who Am I?
Katherine has always been in love with Andrew Mason and knows they belong together. She needs to buck up and finally tell him how she TRUELY feels, when he texts or talks to her he always says “love ya”. It’s like he knows they’ll eventually end up together, even though he’s not ready right now. Her best girl friend Macie thinks she’s let Andrew take the lead in her life for too long, he even convinced her to change her major from English to business, because they always think about what’s best for each other. Which means she’ll have a more financially secure future. After college they’ll go to law school and eventually open their own law firm together. Even Andrews parents love her and say he’ll come around in time.
Since her dad ran off with a produce broker just before her senior year in high school, Katherine and her mother have had to live off a ramen-noodle budget and she searches consignment shops for every Ralph Lauren label she can find. Especially since her mother refuses to divorce her father in hopes that he’ll change his mind and come home. This of course means no court ordered financial aide. Her mother told her she used some of her college money to catch up on the mortgage and living in the sorority house is more expensive than dorms, so Katherine has to find a way to make $10K in order to finish her senior year on time. She won’t let Andrew help her with the tuition, but her best friend Macie finds a summer job posted in the college paper, taking care of a historic lighthouse on Little Bear Island. It will cover the now missing funds thanks to her mother, as well as the feeling of accomplishment of doing this on her own, just for herself! Not for Andrew, Macie or her mom! It’s going to be an adventure!
Two years ago Bennet went to hide out on Little Bear Island to find inspiration for his songwriting. He’s still there driving the ferry but unable to write anything. That is until Katherine D’Arcy comes to take care of the lighthouse for the summer. The town labels her as “the summer girl”, because she won’t stick around, there’s a new one every year. Bennet left the country club lifestyle along with everything that came with it when he came to the island, the last thing he needs is someone that’s the walking billboard of that life screwing with his mind. But he can’t stop thinking about her, she’s hot as hell, her sexy curves, and when she asked his name……It sounded wonderful coming off her lips. She’s the inspiration I needed, but what will happen when she finds out my secret? How will the summer go? What is Bennet’s secret? How will Katherine’s summer turn out? You’ll have to read Summer Girl to find out, but I LOVED it! It’s an amazing heart wrenching emotional love story. I cannot wait to read more from this author, I throughly enjoyed this story. I give A.S.Green 5 stars, I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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