WRATH The Brody Bunch Book 3 by Sienna Valentine

Although Wrath is Book 3 and the conclusion of the Brody brothers, Wyatt and Beth’s story, it could be read as a standalone HEA too. Sienna has done a wonderful job with all three books (PRIDE, LUST, WRATH) telling the sibling stories from their point of views as well as the complete group. You will not be lost if you read just one story, but I loved them all and am glad I started with book 1- Pride (Reid & Sarah’s story). Although after being an ARC reader I purchased each book as they were released, this book comes with an added BONUS of all three novels, and other bonuses… (And I DO suggest you read them in order to get the complete background/history of what’s happening. You won’t be lost if you pick just one to read, BUT as I said you’ll get the complete story in detail by each siblings description, oh what a treat!!) You’ll have to purchase and see, but it’s worth it!!! Sienna has done a great job by not just telling either side (boy or girl), but both versions of what’s happening!
Beth and Sarah have left their Amish village for *Rumspringa but their father had outlawed it since their oldest sister Hannah had chosen the English world two years ago, instead of returning to their Amish village. Beth has always been the most adventurous of the three girls, always learning ways to bend the rules since she was little. They’ve now snuck out into the neighboring town of Bright Falls where Hannah is a bartender at Trick Shots. Once they get there, she notices him sitting with his brothers.
Wyatt is the youngest of the Brody Bunch and thinks his brothers are crazy because they not only do they want out of but pretty much forbid him to be in with the MC group their father started and was sent to prison over. Wyatt is tired of them being so pushy and overbearing about what he should do with HIS life! They’re sitting inside Trick Shots, a bar that Ash works as a bouncer sometimes harping on him yet again, about the choices he’s made when he notices her. Ash makes his brothers a stupid bet about the three of them and the three sisters. Wyatt could care less about the bet, he wants to get to know her!
This is a HEA story that I could imagine happening today. It’s intriguing and had me hooked from the first page, I’ve already read it twice. I’ve laughed, smiled, wanted to smack a couple of stupid guys up side the head, but in all honesty thoroughly loved the way it flowed and came together. Sienna has done an awesome job blending the stories together. Due to sexual situations, this book is recommended for readers 17 and older. Although I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review, I’ve purchased it as well! I rate this story with 5 stars!
*Rumspringa{an Amish rite of passage for youths who had not yet committed themselves to the church. A time when they could explore the English worldโ€”that was what we called anything outside our communityโ€”and decide which appealed more: the simple life, or the allure of something darker, more complex. A life of temptation. Of sin.(*direct quote from PRIDE-Book1)}
โ€” His gaze was so hot. It felt like it might set my clothes alight if he lingered too long on me


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