New Release/Book Review

WILDER (The Renegades) by Rebecca Yarros


Extraordinarily Exquisite

Leah is supposed to be on a 9 month cruise around the world with her best friend Rachel as a tutor, but Rachel caught mono so she cannot make the first 3 months of the cruise. Leah considers herself broken and is trying to make a fresh start on this cruise, to actually LIVE instead of just living. The ship functions as a self-contained college campus. Upon boarding the cruise ship the cabin steward (who she finds out is to be her butler). She cannot believe the room or should I say suite she’s put up in. She finds out that Paxton is the one she’s tutoring and he wants her close and available at all times (just what does he expect?), which is why her room has changed. Leah and Pax have a tumultuous start to not only their cruise but their relationship, even if it’s only going to supposedly be a tutor/student one. There is a lot riding on Paxton passing his classes, he’s a 5- time X Games medalist and never seen a stunt he couldn’t pull off, or a girl he can’t get into his bed, until Lena. But she needs him to pass his classes so she and Rachel can stay on the cruise. It doesn’t matter how strong the attraction between them is, she obeys the rules and he’s the rule breaker. Their toughest issue isn’t passing classes, but falling for each other. What happens between Pax & Leah, what adventures will they tackle while on this amazing cruise? You’ll have to read WILDER to find out, oh but what a WILD RIDE it’ll be!! I received an ARC copy via IndieSage in exchange for a blog tour review. Due to sexual situations, this book is recommended for readers 17 and older!
Favorite Passage
You commit, or you quit, but half-assed gets you hurt.

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