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THE HUNT (Shifter Origins) by Harper A. Brooks


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Prince Kael has just lost his father to an assassin, and he’s the next target. A murderer is on the loose, the kingdom is in disarray, and Kael is determined to make the person responsible for killing his father pay. But falling for the beautiful Cara, panther-shifter and main suspect in his father’s murder, wasn’t part of the plan. He’s not at all sure she did it, and he finds himself going against everything he’s ever known just to claim her.

The ceremonial Hunt is approaching, and mates must be chosen to run together. The hatred between the tiger and panther species is all they know. If Kael and Cara follow their hearts, it could mean treason and death.

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THE HUNT (Shifter Origins) by Harper A. Brooks

•Ancestral Enemies

An absolute great start to a new shifter series. With this being my first Harper A Brooks!/ story I had no idea what to expect. You’ll not only be on the edge of your seat as you turn page after page trying to solve the mystery, but you’ll be intrigued from the prologue. She pulled me in with the background of Sajra~ “the blessed mother,” and I cannot wait to read more of these shifters!
Cara a panther shifter(quiet and submissive but more loyal than any of the others) went to the market to trade her mothers hunting headscarf at the market for some meat for her grandmother and little sister. It was the last remaining essence of her mother(*direct book quote) the scent of hilisha flowers and honey, but she had to have some food. The panthers have been outcasts for almost 50 years because one had been accused of assassinating the oldest Noble. As a result, very few will trade with them culminating in them being taken advantage of because they have no choice but to accept what’s offered. Watching Rei Salus announce that his son prince Kael will run in this years hunt and choose his regis, her skin prickled letting her know that someone was behind her. She could smell the faint, crisp scent of mint leaves, then something too small to see in its speed blew past her face, whistling through the air toward the dias. Before she could yell out, Rei Salus fell to the ground and died. Prince Kael looked up and locked eyes with Cara. Although she’s innocent before he could finish yelling “panther” she was already running away into the forest, because she knows no matter what panthers are guilty of everything. Cara wishes they could go back to the “golden era”- her grandmother says it was a time of peace between the species, love was plentiful and hierarchy did not exist. Will there ever be a time like that again?
Kael the tiger shifter(elegance, with a coat of striking black stripes) prince takes off for the panther that had just killed his father in front of him and all of Sajra. He needed to show the people of Sajra he’s strong enough to be their ruler, there’s no time for mourning or grief, it’s just the tiger’s way. Karl has to find that panther, his father should have eliminated them completely after the one killed the oldest Noble. When he became rei, he wouldn’t be as foolish and forgiving as his father.(*direct book quote). Today he would kill the Panther that killed his father and get rid of the rest when he became rei so they couldn’t taint Sajra anymore. When he cornered the panther inside the hut he found out it wasn’t a man after all, but a woman who swore she didn’t kill the rei. “The dart came from behind me. I heard the crunching of footsteps, smelled mint, and the rei fell.”(*direct book quote). Because he had his guards stay behind he has no choice but to leave Cara behind, but tells them he’ll be back. Anyone who tries to hide her would be arrested and anyone who tries to fight would be killed.
Cara was just another panther accused of a crime and taken away from the village. It wasn’t the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.(* direct book quote). Is prince Kael actually thinking of believing Cara? No, it must be the trickery his father always told him about the panthers. They’re nothing but liars and thieves, they’ll say anything to steal from you. What will Kael ultimately do? Is he going to be the rei that the people of Sajra need? And what kind of rei do they need? You’ll have to read THE HUNT to find out. Once I was able to start reading I couldn’t put it down, it’s an intriguing story, I’m excitedly waiting for more of this series. I received an ARC via Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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