Sugar & Other Luxuries
by Everly Scott
Publication date: April 2nd 2016
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance

Finding true love is more complicated than Katherine expected. Trying to get a guy in bed with her is even harder. Faced with beginning her twenty-sixth year of life insecure and living in the land of Hollywood where men and women either ignore or insult her curvy existence, Katherine decides to make dating her bitch.

She’s not changing her curvy body. She won’t put down the dessert. And she isn’t going to apologize for any of it.

But decisions don’t always go according to plan.

When a flirty and rugged New Yorker asks for her phone number, Katherine freezes. She’s ready to give up before heartbreak happens. That is, until she meets the polyamorous, fairy-godmother-wanna-be, Hunter. The self proclaimed Queen of Pleasure coaches Katherine on badass dating etiquette. Hunter’s first rule? Don’t fall in love. The second rule? Perfection doesn’t exist.

A painstakingly honest tale of the difficulties that come along with learning how to love yourself in a world that expects the opposite, Sugar & Other Luxuries is a sometimes steamy, sometimes funny story about refusing to play it safe and embracing the thrill of the game of love.


With this being Everly’s debut novel, I think it’s great! I laughed as well as got frustrated with Kath’s supposed best friend Jenna, who only seemed to think of herself as well as continually put Kath down, especially about her weight. Her new friend Hunter on the other hand… Just WOW, what a whirlwind of meddlesome! However meeting Hunter at the cooking class seemed to help jump start Kath’s self esteem into the right direction. A blind date could go either way, but it seems that Kath and Jake might have something to build upon.
You never know what will happen when you just let life play out, especially love. It just seems to find you when you’re least expecting it to. You have to be comfortable with yourself before you’ll allow someone else in. Everyone has a past, but you have to focus on the future in order to not make the same mistakes. There’s no guarantee you won’t be hurt, but that’s a chance you have to take before finding the luxury of love.
To find out what happens with Jake and Kath you’ll have to read SUGAR & OTHER LUXURIES. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book via Xpress Book Tours in exchange for an honest blog tour review. Due to sexual situations and adult language this novel is recommended for readers 17 and older!


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