DETHRONED (Two Wheels Two Hearts) by Sara Crest




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Once I caught his eye he claimed me as his own. A small town girl like me had no chance…

When the Rolling Raiders Motorcycle Club came into town they chose my bar as their hangout spot. Lucky me. I thought I could keep my head down, serve them drinks and look the other way while they did their business. I was just trying to make it out of that life, I had no reason to get involved.

Then I met Johnny. Covered in tattoos, obsessed, ruthless, and the chapter leader, he was definitely not the kind of guy I should get involved with–then why couldn’t I stay away…

His gang saw me as his distraction, they doubted him, everything he worked for so long to build began to spiral out of control. Now I’m forced to leave my life behind, riding like hell on the back of his motorcycle in his desperate attempt to make things right. It was never supposed to be like this.

Sara Crest~
Hey everyone, you’re about to open up my debut novel. Just don’t forget to stay connected with me:…

DETHRONED (Two Wheels Two Hearts) by Sara Crest
Starting over isn’t always easy, sometimes you end up in just another rut. Then you find a spark that lights up your world! Ashley had been working in a small town bar in Florida and that’s exactly what she found in Johnny. When he and his MC blew into the bar she worked at, it was an instant connection. His green eyes called to her. After his crew started a mutiny and tried to kill him he and Ashley took off across the country to try and fix the issue. They definitely had a cross country adventure that was exciting to read. The main question is did Ashley stay with Johnny and his MC lifestyle or walk away and try to find the adventure she always wanted. Or did Johnny give her the adventure he promised? You’ll have to read DETHRONED (Two Wheels Two Hearts) to find out. This was a quick read and I enjoyed reading their adventure. I voluntarily reviewed an EXCLUSIVE copy in exchange for an honest review. Due to sexual situations, this book is recommended for readers 16 and older.


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