Sauvignon Blanc to Sigh For

Sauvignon Blanc to Sigh For
Love in Wine Country #4
By: Pamela Gibson
Releasing February 13, 2017

Sarah James has always wanted to be part of a family. Her divorced parents are estranged and she has no siblings. But she does have friends, especially Sam, who’s always underfoot…eating her food, fixing stuff in her house, and seeking advice about his love life.

Aspiring winemaker Sam Reynoso has taken care of Sarah since the sixth grade. She’s smart, comfortable, and indulgent. They’re best friends until a wine and food pairing competition throws them together in an intimate, tension-filled setting.

As feelings neither of them expected start to emerge, each will have to decide if their relationship will evolve, or if their newfound love will be nipped in the bud by a crushing secret.
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Author Info
Pamela Gibson grew up loving books, history, and small towns. Her first career was a newspaper reporter, but when she returned to college to get a master’s degree, it was in public administration which eventually led to jobs running cities…not as an elected official, but as a city manager, the chief appointed one.

Writing was still her passion and in her spare time—between meetings and raising two active kids—she was contracted to write several books on local history. Taking an early retirement at the urging of her very supportive husband, she turned to fiction and began writing the happy ending novels she loves to read.

She now spends half her time on land and the other half cruising coastal or inland waters in her 32-foot boat. She speed-eats chocolates when she’s nervous, squeals when she sees a spider, and loves to relax with a good read with a mellow glass of wine.


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Sarah hopped off the couch, fists clenched. “Are you out of your freakin’ mind? I’m not doing this. I’m going to Sea Ranch or Morro Bay or Santa Barbara…somewhere with a beach.”
“But this is a great opportunity, Sarah. The judges are enologists and wine and food raters from the big magazines. Even if we don’t win, we can get our talents in front of people who can make things happen for us.”
“We? I don’t want to be a chef. I’m a planner. A damn good one.”
He swiped his fingers over his hair. “You hate the politics. You know you’re a gourmet cook. This is a great chance for you as well as me.”
She planted her hands on her hips and glared. “No. No. No.”
“Why are you being like this?”
She raised her voice. “We’re not a couple. You said this is for couples. To me that means married or engaged. Now eat your cobbler, and I’ll go in the kitchen and make coffee.”
“How can you say that? We’ve been a couple since we were kids. Our friendship is probably stronger than most marriages.”
“But this implies a committed relationship. It would be dishonest.” She stood her ground, but he had a point. If it didn’t specifically say engaged or married, they’d technically qualify.
He hung his head and looked up at her through those lashes most women would kill for. “Uh, Sarah? I already signed us up.”
“What?” she shrieked. “Sam, I can’t believe you did this. I could just…just…this is exactly what you do, every time. Take over and do what you want, and don’t even bother to think about the person you‘re going to rope into your latest scheme. No.”
“It’s only a week. You can have the second week all to yourself.” He got up and stood in front of her, so close she had to look up at him. “Can’t you pretend that we’re more than friends for a week? I know you love me.”
“Yes…like a brother…a big, overgrown, aggravating, controlling, nuisance of a brother.”
“But you’ll do it.”
“No.” She looked up at him and knew instantly why women fell at his feet. His shoulders were immense, and the light stubble on his face made him look dangerous. But the heat in his eyes could melt rocks in an iceberg.
He put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her toward him. It was a brotherly hug, one they’d shared often. “Think about it. I’ve paid the fee, but I can stand to lose it.”
“How much was it?” She murmured against his chest.
“Two grand.”
Two thousand dollars? She pushed him away and faced the kitchen.

SAUVIGNON BLANC TO SIGH FOR (Love in Wine Country #4) by Pamela Gibson
Sam is always hooking up with the wrong women for him. But when something goes wrong he always goes running back to Sarah who has been his best friend since they were kids, to talk about everything. He’s a control freak that takes over and does what he wants without thinking of the others he pulls along with him, which is usually Sarah. For his newest debacle, without consulting Sarah he signed them up for an invitational couples’ amateur winemaker competition in Lake Tahoe where they pair their wine with food that’s prepared by their partner.
Sarah loves to cook. Changing up the recipes she finds to make them her own, it helps her relax after a long day of working. Sarah is home in Napa, she left briefly to work in Southern California, but it wasn’t home like Napa. She doesn’t plan to move again. Now estranged from her divorced parents, she’s always wanted to belong within a family. At least she has friends, especially Sam, even though she’s like to I’ll him at the moment for signing them up as a couple… Ugh why didn’t he think and at least ask her first.
This trip changes their relationship. To find out what happens on their vacation, especially to see how Sarah gets revenge on Sam, which may just backfire on her you’ll have to read SAUVIGNON BLANC TO SIGH FOR (Love in Wine Country #4). Although this is the 4th book in the Life on Wine Country series, it’s the first one I’ve read. It’s also my first Pamela Gibson book, but I’m looking forward to reading other stories she’s written. This is a well written and thought out story. I absolutely loved it! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book via Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest blog tour review.

This is the fourth book in my Love in Wine Country series, turning now to the Reynoso men, cousins of Paige, Lindsay and Mariel. While characters from each book float in and out of the books, each one is a stand- alone and can be read out of order.

I hope you enjoy Sam and Sarah’s journey from friends to lovers. Please go to my website and sign up for my quarterly newsletter to get some of Sarah’s recipes. They’ll be in the Winter Edition.

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