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Highland Faith

Highland Faith
Wild Thistle Trilogy #2
By: Madelyn Hill
Releasing May 17, 2017
Soul Mate Publishing



Huntress Lady Faith MacAlister seeks adventure. Her father’s dying pledge tethers her to Wild Thistle Keep, thwarting her desire to explore the world beyond the palisade. Solace is found while hunting and providing sustenance for her clan. When snatched from the safety of MacAlister lands by a rogue bent on securing a ransom, she finds the adventure of her life.

Disgraced Captain Graeme Ross travels the high seas in search of bounty to sell in order to secure family lands seized by the Crown. He longs to regain his honor in his father’s eyes and continually risks his life buying and selling goods. Lacking enough funds, Graeme and his crew follow Lady Faith MacAlister as she hunts. Out of need and desire, he kidnaps her. The lady captivates him for the moment he laid eyes upon her. Bold and spirited, she fights him. When he negotiates a ransom, deception tears the burgeoning romance apart.

Now, Faith and Graeme seek to settle those differences hindering their union, despite the stretch of sea and land—and angry Highlanders standing between them.

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Author Info
Madelyn Hill has always loved the written word. From the time she could read and all through her school years, she’d sneak books into her textbooks during school. And she devoured books daily. At the age of 10 she proclaimed she wanted to be a writer. After being a “closet” writer for several years, she sent her manuscripts to the universe and is now published with Soul Mate Publishing. And she couldn’t be happier!

A resident of Western New York, she moved from one Rochester to another Rochester to be with the love of her life. They now have 3 children and keep busy cooking, going to the movies, and of course reading!



Website: http://www.madelynhill.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madelyn.hill.94

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AuthorMaddyHill

GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2919194.Madelyn_Hill

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’Twas her sister’s fault.

Hope had married Aidan MacKerry, leading the MacAlister Clan together, and now they were acting like lovesick cows. Aye, they’d recently had another bairn and ’twas why they were smiling like amadans. But Faith MacAlister had enough of the cooing and kissing.

She had to leave the Wild Thistle Keep or go mad.

Hunting was the only option.

The size of the MacAlister Clan dictated hunting trips each fortnight to keep the larder full. Faith grabbed her quiver and bow, left word with the guards at the palisade to inform the lairds Aidan and Hope her direction, and left to find sustenance and peace.

And now, three days later she continued stalking the elusive stag. She kenned her sister would be close to sending a group of men to look for her in a day or so. Luckily she’d managed an agreement with her sister whom was also her laird. An agreement between sisters proved hard to negotiate, but she’d won in the end. And she hunted without escort as long as she never left without telling the guards her direction.

A sun filled day, just cool enough not to need too much clothing that may hinder her movement, but warm enough she didn’t need to start a fire to warm herself. She stretched in the britches she’d stolen from one of the stable hands. Aye, she’d tried the tartan her sister Hope loved to wear, but found it too revealing as she moved and climbed to find her prey. And a gown, the devil take them, ’twould make it nigh impossible to hunt and secure meat for the clan.

She moved quietly through the woods. Each footfall, purposeful, silently brought her closer to her elusive prey.

Aye, there he stood. In the morning mist that hovered just above the low foliage, a proud, beautiful stag who’d avoided her arrow for too long. Huge, with several points on his rack and a cocksure stance stating, I’m king of the forest. She hated to take down the magnificent animal. But he’d provide for her clan and her duty dictated securing meat for those who depended on her.

She drew her bow, stretching the sinew, straining her arm muscles as she prepared to let the arrow fly. The feather fletching grazed her cheek as she held her breath waiting for the perfect moment to release. She’d traveled far for this chance, stalked her prey as her father had taught her so many years ago with her so wee she could barely hold a bow, much less draw and aim. And today, her size may well again thwart her hunting. ’Twould be problematic once the massive stag was felled. She’d have to dress him in the field and lug the meat back with her. No matter, she’d manage as always.

Two more steps forward. Stared down the length of the arrow past the head, ready to release.

“Well, well, well. What have we here?” a man said


Review ~

Highland Faith (Wild Thistle Trilogy #2) by: Madelyn Hill


With this being book 2 in the trilogy I didn’t feel as though lost by reading this one first, each of these stories although dealing with the 3 sisters is its own standalone story. However I am looking forward to reading the complete trilogy after Highland Honor is released fall 2017. This was my first Madelyn Hill story as well. I enjoyed reading Faith’s story. She enjoyed hunting and feeling like she’s contributing something to their clan… Until she’s kidnapped and held for ransom on a ship… She does NOT have sea legs, will she gain them and what of the captain who had captured more than just her? You’ll have to read Highland Faith to find out how it pans out. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book via Tasty Book Tours for an honest blog tour review.



HIGHLAND HOPE (Wild Thistle Trilogy Book 1) by Madelyn Hill

“Remember, lasses. Through Hope, Faith, and Honor, ye can rule,” were the last words Lady Hope MacAlister’s father spoke before dying. Those very words direct her every action and thought. Sword ghting and leading the men of her clan was second nature to Hope and she has little time for herself or any thoughts of love. Until Aidan MacKerry is captured spying on the clan.

She is beautiful, strong, and quick to pull a sword. But when he kisses her, all thoughts of the lairdship Aidan MacKerry seeks ee his mind. When the enemy continues to undermine Hope, Aidan is determined to aid her—only he didn’t think he’d lose his heart to the Laird of Wild Thistle Keep. When the enemy reveals Aidan’s secret, he must ght for his right to be laird and prove, despite their differences, he loves Hope.

The enemy refuses to back down and continues to threaten not only Hope, but the security of the entire clan. Only together will they be able to save the clan and save their love.

Available on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/muuvrxj

Lady Claire Is All That



Lady Claire Is All That
Keeping Up with the Cavendishes #3
By: Maya Rodale
Releasing December 27, 2016

Her Brains

Claire Cavendish is in search of a duke, but not for the usual reasons. The man she seeks is a mathematician; the man she unwittingly finds is Lord Fox: dynamic, athletic, and as bored by the equations Claire adores as she is by the social whirl upon which he thrives. As attractive as Fox is, he’s of no use to Claire . . . or is he?

Plus His Brawn

Fox’s male pride has been bruised ever since his fiancée jilted him. One way to recover: win a bet that he can transform Lady Claire, Society’s roughest diamond, into its most prized jewel. But Claire has other ideas—shockingly steamy ones. . .

Equals A Study In Seduction

By Claire’s calculations, Fox is the perfect man to satisfy her sensual curiosity. In Fox’s estimation, Claire is the perfect woman to prove his mastery of the ton. But the one thing neither of them counted on is love . . .

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29772436-lady-claire-is-all-that

Goodreads Series Link https://www.goodreads.com/series/153521-keeping-up-with-the-cavendishes
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Author Info
Maya Rodale began reading romance novels in college at her mother’s insistence and it wasn’t long before she was writing her own. Maya is now the author of multiple Regency historical romances. She lives in New York City with her darling dog and a rogue of her own.


Author Links:

Website: http://www.mayarodale.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mayarodalewriter

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mayarodale

GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/377744.Maya_Rodale


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London, 1824

Lord and Lady Chesham’s ballroom

It was a truth universally acknowledged that Maximilian Frederick DeVere, Lord Fox, was God’s gift to the ladies of London. He was taller and brawnier than his peers and in possession of the sort of chiseled good looks—above and below the neck—that were more often found in works of classical art. By all accounts he was charming and universally liked by men and women alike, though for different reasons, of course. He won at two things, always: women and sport.

Fox strolled through the ballroom as if he owned the place. He nodded at friends and acquaintances—Carlyle, with whom he occasionally fenced, Fitzwalter, who he had soundly thrashed at boxing last week, and Willoughby, who was always game for a curricle race.

Fox flashed his famous grin as he heard the ladies’ usual comments when he strolled past.

“I think he just smiled at me.”

“I think I’m going to swoon.”

“God, Arabella Vaughn is one lucky woman.”

“Was,” someone corrected. “Didn’t you see the report in The London Weekly this morning?”

Fox’s grin faltered.

That was when Mr. Rupert Wright and Lord Mowbray found him. Their friendship stretched all the way back to their early days at Eton.

“We heard the news, Fox,” Rupert said grimly, clapping a hand on his shoulder.

“I daresay everyone has heard the news,” Fox replied dryly.

It didn’t escape his notice that the guests nearby had fallen silent. It was the first time he’d appeared in public since the news broke in the paper this morning, though Arabella had so kindly left him a note the day prior. Everyone was watching him to see how he would react, what he would say, if he would cry.

“Who would have thought we’d see this day?” Mowbray mused. “Miss Arabella Vaughn, darling of the haute ton, running off with an actor.”

“That alone would be scandalous,” Rupert said, adding, “Never mind that she has ditched Fox. Who is, apparently, considered a catch. What with his lofty title, wealth, and not hideous face.”

Fox’s Male Pride bristled. It’d been bristling and seething and enraged ever since the news broke that his beautiful, popular betrothed had left him to elope with some plebian actor.

Not just any actor, either, but Lucien Kemble. Yes, he was the current sensation among the haute ton, lighting up the stage each night in his role as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. Covent Garden theater was sold out for the rest of the season. The gossip columns loved him, given his flair for dramatics both onstage and off—everything from tantrums to torrid love affairs to fits over his artistry. Women adored him; they may have sighed and swooned over Lucien Kemble as much as Fox.

To lose a woman to any other man was insupportable—and, until recently, not something that ever happened to him—but to lose her to someone who made his living prancing around onstage in tights? It was intolerable.

“Just who does she think she is?” Fox wondered aloud.

“She’s Arabella Vaughn. Beautiful. Popular. Enviable. Every young lady here aspires to be her. Every man here would like a shot with her,” Mowbray answered.

“She’s you, but in petticoats,” Rupert said, laughing.

It was true. He and Arabella were perfect together.

Like most men, he’d fallen for her at first sight after catching a glimpse of her across a crowded ballroom. She was beautiful in every possible way: a tall, lithe figure with full breasts; a mouth made for kissing and other things that gentlemen didn’t mention in polite company; blue eyes fringed in dark lashes; honey gold hair that fell in waves; a complexion that begged comparisons to cream and milk and moonlight.

Fox had taken one look at her and thought: mine.

They were a perfect match in beauty, wealth, social standing, all that. They both enjoyed taking the ton by storm. He remembered the pride he felt as they strolled through a ballroom arm in arm and the feeling of everyone’s eyes on them as they waltzed so elegantly.

They were great together.

They belonged together.

Fox also remembered the more private moments—so many stolen kisses, the intimacy of gently pushing aside a wayward strand of her golden hair, promises for their future as man and wife. They would have perfect children, and entertain the best of society, and generally live a life of wealth and pleasure and perfection, together.

Fox remembered his heart racing—nerves!—when he proposed because this beautiful girl he adored was going to be his.

And then she had eloped. With an actor.

It burned, that. Ever since he’d heard the news, Fox had stormed around in high dudgeon. He was not accustomed to losing.

“Take away her flattering gowns and face paint and she’s just like any other woman here,” Fox said, wanting it to be true so he wouldn’t feel the loss so keenly. “Look at her, for example.”

Rupert and Mowbray both glanced at the woman he pointed out—a short, frumpy young lady nervously sipping lemonade. She spilled some down the front of her bodice when she caught three men staring at her.

“If one were to offer her guidance on supportive undergarments and current fashions and get a maid to properly style her coiffure, why, she could be the reigning queen of the haute ton,” Fox pointed out.

Both men stared at him, slack jawed.

“You’ve never been known for being the sharpest tool in the shed, Fox, but now I think you’re really cracked,” Mowbray said. “You cannot just give a girl a new dress and make her popular.”

“Well, Mowbray, maybe you couldn’t. But I could.”

“Gentlemen . . .” Rupert cut in. “I don’t care for the direction of this conversation.”

“You honestly think you can do it,” Mowbray said, awed.

He turned to face Mowbray and drew himself up to his full height, something he did when he wanted to be imposing. His Male Pride had been wounded and his competitive spirit—always used to winning—was spoiling for an opportunity to triumph.

“I know I can,” Fox said with the confidence of a man who won pretty much everything he put his mind to—as long as it involved sport, or women. Arabella had been his first, his only, loss. A fluke, surely.

“Well, that calls for a wager,” Mowbray said.

The two gentlemen stood eye to eye, the tension thick. Rupert groaned.

“Name your terms,” Fox said.

“I pick the girl.”


“This is a terrible idea,” Rupert said. He was probably right, but he was definitely ignored.

“Let me see . . . who shall I pick?” Mowbray made a dramatic show of looking around the ballroom at all the ladies nearby. There were at least a dozen of varying degrees of pretty and pretty hopeless.

Then Mowbray’s attentions fixed on one particular woman. Fox followed his gaze, and when he saw who his friend had in mind, his stomach dropped.


“Yes,” Mowbray said, a cocky grin stretching across his features.

“Unfortunately dressed I can handle. Shy, stuttering English miss who at least knows the rules of society? Sure. But one of the Americans?”

Fox let the question hang there. The Cavendish family had A Reputation the minute the news broke that the new Duke of Durham was none other than a lowly horse trainer from the former colonies. He and his sisters were scandalous before they even set foot in London. Since their debut in society, they hadn’t exactly managed to win over the haute ton, either, to put it politely.

“Now, they’re not all bad,” Rupert said. “I quite like Lady Bridget . . .”

But Fox was still in shock and Mowbray was enjoying it too much to pay any mind to Rupert’s defense of the Americans.

“The bluestocking?”

That was the thing: Mowbray hadn’t picked just any American, but the one who already had a reputation for being insufferably intelligent, without style or charm to make herself more appealing to the gentlemen of the ton. She was known to bore a gentleman to tears by discussing not the weather, or hair ribbons, or gossip of mutual acquaintances, but math.

Lady Claire Cavendish seemed destined to be a hopeless spinster and social pariah.

Even the legendary Duchess of Durham, aunt to the new duke and his sisters, hadn’t yet been able to successfully launch them into society and she’d already had weeks to prepare them! It seemed insane that Fox should succeed where the duchess failed.

But Fox and his Male Pride had never, not once, backed away from a challenge, especially not when the stakes had never been higher. He knew two truths about himself: he won at women and he won at sport.

He was a winner.

And he was not in the mood for soul searching or crafting a new identity when the old one suited him quite well. Given this nonsense with Arabella, he had to redeem himself in the eyes of the ton, not to mention his own. It was an impossible task, but one that Fox would simply have to win.

“Her family is hosting a ball in a fortnight,” Mowbray said. “I expect you to be there—with Lady Claire on your arm as the most desirable and popular woman in London.”




1~ What types of scenes are your most favorite to write?

I love writing the funny, teasing, loving banter between the four siblings in my Keeping Up With The Cavendishes series. Writing some good flirtation between the hero and heroine is also a favorite of mine.

2~ How long have you been writing, and what (or who) inspired you to start?

I’ve been writing romance novels for about twelve years now (though I’ve been writing for longer than that). Then, and now, I write the book that I’m in the mood to read because I’m still a reader first!

3~ How did you come up with the concept and the characters for the story?

All the novels in my Keeping Up With The Cavendishes series are inspired by my favorite romantic comedies. Lady Claire Is All That is based on the 90’s rom com She’s All That. Basically, I write stories that I want to read—funny, witty, happy ever afters—and I delight in seeing mash ups of modern times and pop culture with historical romance.

4~ What gave you the most trouble with this story?

The heroine of Lady Claire Is All That is a math genius and I am…not. At all. There isn’t much math in the novel (phew!) but what does appear is thanks to one of my dearest romance writing friends Caroline Linden, who happens to have a math degree from Harvard.

5~ A la Twitter style, please describe your book in 140 characters or less.

In Lady Claire Is All That sparks fly between a brainy heroine and the hot jock of the haute ton in this Regency remake of the rom com She’s All That!

🎨 Book Review 🎨

REAL EARLS BREAK THE RULES (Infamous Somertons Series Book#2) by Tina Gabrielle

All Amelia wanted to do was paint and be recognized for her own work by signing her own name. But in England in 1815 women weren’t allowed the opportunity to do that or own a shop without it looking poorly on their family (in addition to people paying less for a painting by a woman regardless of the exquisite quality), so she was forced to sign under a false male name. Especially since her father is a known forger, and she can paint as well as he can.
Brandon St. Clair, the Earl of Vale, is in dire need of help after his father died and left their estate in a pile of debt. He’s attracted to Amelia, but needs her to agree to paint a copy of a landscape painting by the Dutch artist Aelbert Cuyp that he owns so he can send the original to America. For a gift for a friend, while he keeps a copy on his estate because his grandmother would frown upon him gifting the painting to an American. He’d also like her to paint his portrait. Amelia declines his offer because they no longer need the money since her sister married Lord Huntingdon. Who also happens to be the earls best friend, because it’s improper for a female to be unaccompanied with a male, as she’d have to be for hours on end while painting his portrait. Although her fingers are itching to paint him and it’d be her first portrait, she still declines. Until they arrive for a fortnight at his country estate for his sisters engagement party and he offers her the exchange of official painting lessons by the famous Samuel Stirling the painter and member of the Royal Academy, something she’s never been able to afford.
How is Brandon going to keep his hands to himself when he’s so attracted to Amelia? And can Amelia keep herself in check as well? Is Brandon able to pull his estate out from the drowning debt without his family knowing the dire state it’s in? You’ll have to read REAL EARLS BREAK THE RULES to find out. This is an intriguing HEA historical romance. This may be the 2nd of the Infamous Somertons series, the 1st being An Artful Seduction, and it may be my first Tina Gabrielle book, but I am looking forward to reading the complete series when book 3 The Duke Meets His Match becomes available. I received an ARC via Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Due to sexual content this novel is recommended for readers 18 and older!
Favorite Passages~
~ He may be medievally possessive, but he knew whom he wanted and he was determined not to let her slip away.
~ You are precious to me. I need you, and I can’t imagine life at Rosehill, London, or anywhere without you by my side.”


Kobo~ https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/real-earls-break-the-rules
B&N~ http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/real-earls-break-the-rules-tina-gabrielle/1125053296?ean=9781682813614
Amazon~ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MPZLUQ6/

💟 New Release💟 🌹 ♥️Book Review♥️

💌 HOW TO PLAY THE GAME OF LOVE (Ladies Of Passion)💌 by Harmony Williams
She wants to fall in love with anyone but him… is #LIVE! Grab your copy now!


Purchase ~♥️~ 💟
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2edstmT
Paperback: http://amzn.to/2e4acFL
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He’s everything she thinks she doesn’t want.

When Miss Rose Wellesley’s father threatens an arranged marriage, she knows she’d better settle on a choice quickly or end up having no say in who she marries. Fortunately, she’s garnered a rare invitation to Lady Dunlop’s “Week of Love” house party, an annual affair notorious for matchmaking. Her plans to expedite a proposal would go smoothly if not for the brash younger sister she must chaperone, her outspoken, disagreeable best friend, and the bullish Lord Hartfell who seems determined to dog her every step.

Lord Hartfell embodies every last thing Rose dislikes in a man.
He’s domineering, tenacious, argumentative, and a little too casual with his nudity for her tastes. Worst of all, Rose can’t seem to get him—or his kisses—out of her mind.

Rose is determined to find a more appropriate husband, even if her heart disagrees with how unsuitable the stubborn lord is…

Harmony Williams has been living vicariously in Regency-era England since she discovered Jane Austen. Since time machines don’t yet exist, she’s had to make do with books—fictional and non-fictional. On the rare occasions she doesn’t have her nose stuck in a book, she likes to drink tea and spend time with her 90-lb lapdog. A feminist, she writes stories about strong women and the men who support them as equals.


Website: http://www.harmonywilliams.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HistoricalHarmony/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/harmony_writes
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/harmonywrites/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/historicalharmony/
Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2e6geW4
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2dgp5X9
Amazon Author Profile: http://amzn.to/2dU2X2n


💟~ ♥️~ EXCERPT ~💟~ ♥️~

The rustle of cloth hailed Hartfell removing his jacket. Ignoring me, he laid it on the floor in front of the chuckling fire. Not a terrible idea. After unknotting and unwinding the cravat from his throat, he discarded it onto the gleaming desk. Then he went to work on his shirt.
I turned my back. “What in damnation are you doing?”
“My clothes are soaked. Yours too. Even if you’d like to catch a chill, I’d rather avoid it.”
He sounded amused, not at all contrite or ashamed. And he’d called me shameless.
“We’re very much alone,” I reminded him.
“If we stood in the middle of a crowded room, it would hardly be appropriate for me to undress.”
At that, I whirled on him. “It is not appropriate now!”
His shirt hung over the back of the desk chair. He stood, utterly bare from the waist up, in nothing but his breeches and boots. The soft-looking mat of hair on his chest glimmered golden in the firelight.
He lingered far too close. A ballroom would not have been enough space between us, but he stood scarcely two steps away. With his ground-eating strides, maybe one.
Breathlessly I added, “Anyone might walk in.” My heart beat frantically, restraining my voice to a whisper. If I were discovered with him in this state of undress, I’d have to marry him.
A more odious fate, I couldn’t imagine.
With a shrug, he crossed to the closed library door and locked it.
My mouth fell open. “What did you just do?”
“I ensured no one would interrupt us.”
“Interrupt us? You make it sound like we’re having a conversation. You are undressing.” I lowered my voice and hissed out the last word.
He turned. “Maybe we are, and you’re just too blasted stubborn to hear it.”
His chest loomed within an arm’s reach now. I’d stalked toward him without noticing. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the unadorned flesh of his body.
He was what Francine would call an agreeable specimen. Of course, she referred to plants rather than people when she spoke those words, but no other description fit him. I hadn’t had the misfortune of seeing many men bare-chested, after all. My experience was limited to one.
The breadth of his shoulders devoured the space in the room, closing in on us until he seemed to surround me. The downy hair on his chest beckoned. Would it feel soft? Raspy? I clasped my hands behind my back to keep from finding out firsthand. My gloves, a bit damp, squelched softly. His muscular physique surprised me. What did he do to stay so supremely fit?
“Do you like what you see?” he asked in so low a rumble, I nearly mistook his voice for the thunder outdoors.

♥️~ 💟~ ♥️~ 💟~ ♥️~ 💟~ ♥️~ 💟~ ♥️~ 💟


💟~ ♥️~ REVIEW ~♥️~💟
HOW TO PLAY THE GAME OF LOVE (Ladies of Passion) by Harmony Williams

•What is Love?

Rose Wellesley finally on her fourth Season she received an invitation to Lady Dunlop’s esteemed Week of Love party, that led to several marriages at its close every year. If she didn’t find a husband of her choosing by weeks end, she’d find herself tied to a man she not only didn’t love or even know…. or worse yet, one she knew she couldn’t love, for life. She couldn’t let her father arrange a match for her, she WANTED LOVE! Hopefully Lady Dunlop would help her, and her sister and friends wouldn’t sabotage her chances. Will she find the love she so desperately craves, or will she be forced into the loveless union her father will impose upon her if she returns home without a love matched marriage proposal?
Set in London in the early 1800’s this tantalizing tale of a woman who wants a marriage based on love when the tons rules and stipulations that hold back most women’s chances at love. It’s a time when women are usually joined together by their fathers dealings instead of love being a choice or option. Harmony Williams wrote a fantastic historical romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. Although this is the first of her work I’ve read, I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. The banter between characters is hilariously funny and makes you excited to turn the next page to see what’s going to happen next. Due to sexual situations, this book is recommended for readers 16 and older. I received an ARC via IndieSage through NetGalley in exchange for an honest blog tour review.